Rider’s views


Graham, an architect who rides a BMW R1100RS, says, “I came back to biking after 35 years and I’m aware that the roads are much busier these days, with far more hazards. Modern motorbikes are faster and more technically advanced.

I recognised that my ‘old skills’ would be totally inadequate. A refresher course followed by an advanced programme was considered the way to go. I am now confident in my skills of defensive riding, and as such am able to place myself in the safest position on the road at all times, under constantly changing conditions. I enjoy my biking much more as a result of undertaking an advanced rider programme.






Heather, a nursery nurse who rides a Ducati 600 Monster, says, “I wanted to be a good safe rider, able to enjoy biking to the full. I recently attended a safe riding event to ensure my skills remained up to date. My advanced training increased my confidence in my ability to make accurate decisions about road conditions, positioning and appropriate use of speed. I enjoy my riding more as a result of my advanced riding course”.





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