Advanced Riding in Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire areas!

We specialise in the delivery of post-test advanced rider development programmes. You might have been riding continuously for years and want to refine your skills, perhaps youíve passed your test more recently and would like to add to your skills or youíre returning to motorcycling after a gap of some years and would like a refresher course. We can deliver a development programme tailored to suit your individual needs. 

We are based in the South West of England and can develop your skills on roads winding their way through some of the most unspoilt countryside around.

 The governments Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has launched their Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) aimed at riders who have a full motorcycle licence. We participate in this scheme. Our DSA accredited Post Test Motorcycle Trainer can tailor a development programme to suit your needs via a combination of practical and theoretical learning. Successful completion of the programme can lead to an insurance discount with those motorcycle insurers who have signed up to the scheme.

 Rider education and post-test skills development can go a long way to raising hazard awareness and ensuring that you are more in control on the road. By developing your skills with Accord you will have the opportunity to learn about: * power handling * managing your tyres grip on the road * the forces that effect your bike when cornering * effective visual habits * speed and traction * how to approach, enter and exit every bend * manage bends for maximum safety, stability and view * counter steering * reducing fatigue * overtake more precisely and effectively * manage your speed so that you reach your destination more progressively and safely * observation skills so that you see more, anticipate, prioritise decide and act * a mental system that will keep you in control and out of trouble.

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